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How to Report Results Empty How to Report Results

Post  Frederick on Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:10 am

Create a thread with your name as its heading to post your results. This will be your personal thread, post all your subsequent wins in this thread.

To post results, list:
1. the date
2. if it was event, the name of the event
3. whether it was a team game or single
4. if you massacred your opponent
5. if you won the tournament at which you played the game

A League administrator will check your results and update your Strategist Medals on your profile in the hall of accolades.

Note: If your game was under 35pts, it still counts towards your victory total, but will be 1/2 a victory. Games at 35+ points are worth 1 victory.

If results have not been applied in a timely manner, send an email to with the results in question.

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