FRAG Lawrence tournament 2k 6/30/12

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FRAG Lawrence tournament 2k 6/30/12 Empty FRAG Lawrence tournament 2k 6/30/12

Post  bobtheevilguy on Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:35 am

Hey guys,

Just writing in to let everyone know about this month's Lawrence tournament. We are hosting a 2k tournament at 1908e 19th st Lawrence Ks 66046 in the Club house/Community building. We will be starting at 10am, running 2 hour rounds. There will be a 1 hour lunch break after the first round. Lunch will be sold there if you want it as well as soda.
There is a $10 entry and room for 20 players. Prize support given for 1st-3rd place. Prize support is based on turnout.
There is no painting requirement, but WYSIWYG is required as well as legible lists (4 copies--preferred typed). FRAG tournament standards are in effect and can be found on Please feel free to pm me with any questions.
This is looking to be a fun event and FRAG is wanting to welcome you to come.
Hope to see you there Very Happy

Missions are as follows:

Mission 1
Table quarters, game last for 6 turns, Spear head
First 2 game turns night fight, Last 2 game turns night fight
Massacre 3-4 more table quarters controlled, more than your opponent.
Major 2 more table quarters controlled over your opponent
minor 1 more table quarters controlled over your opponent
tie equal table quarters

+1 for each Hq destroyed
-1 for each Hq Lost
+1 for each vehicle destroyed
-1 for each non vehicle unit lost

Mission 2
5 Objectives 6 turns, Spear Head
One objective in the center of the board, One in the center of each table quarter.

Massacre Hold all five objectives at the end of the game
Major hold for more objectives than you opponent at the end of the game
Minor Hold 2-3 more objectives than your opponent at the end of the game
Tie Hold 0-1 more objectives than your opponent at the end of the game

+1 for each table quarter you control, (in order to control a table quarter you have to have more kill points in it than your opponent, each unit can only claim one quarter)
+1 for holding two or more objectives for two or more game turns
-1 for each elite and heavy lost
-1 for each transport lost (a transport is any vehicle bought as a dedicated transport)
+1 for each surviving troop and Fast

Mission 3

Victory Points, Pitched

Massacre 1500-2000 more than your opponent
Major 1000-1499 more than your opponent
Minor 500-999 more than your opponent
Tie 0-499 Points over

+1 for each of your own units in your deployment zone
+1 for each surviving troop choice
+1 for each surviving heavy support
-1 for each fast attack lost

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