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How to Navigate the Forums Empty How to Navigate the Forums

Post  Frederick on Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:46 pm

Finding your way around the War Room Forums is easy.

Currently there are three categories to choose from for forum topics: League Information, Warhammer 40k, and Painting and Modeling.

How to Navigate the Forums Warroo16

In the League Information section, tips are given to new members and those new to the forums aimed at getting them up to date and on their way to using and posting on the War Room Forums. Under the Warhammer 40k heading are resources for finding & setting up a game, getting the latest league night information, and posting questions about 40k rules. The Painting and Modeling section is host to a variety of showcases and hobby resources, go there to see what members are currently working on or to have your hobby related questions answered.

To select a forum topic (i.e. Warhammer 40k // League Night) simply click on the League Night heading.

How to Navigate the Forums Warroo17

Inside each topic a number of conversation threads will be displayed.

How to Navigate the Forums Warroo18

Here, there are two threads for viewing. To view a conversation thread, click on its heading. Some threads may be locked (these are typically introductory threads) and some made be sticky and remain at the top of the thread list (once again, typically introductory threads), though threads of note and worth may be made sticky by an administrator. All other threads will sort on the thread list with the most recently posted threads showing at the top.

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