8-4-12 Battle Brothers

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8-4-12 Battle Brothers Empty 8-4-12 Battle Brothers

Post  Matthew Ochs on Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:31 pm

The next 40k tournament will be on August 8th. The following rules are in effect for the tournament:

- Teams will be made of two players, each with a force totaling no more than 1,000pts in accordance with all 6th edition 40k rules.

- Teammates can only be selected from those allies listed as a "Battle Brother," "Ally of Convenience," or "Desperate Ally," as listed in the Warhammer 40k 6th edition rule book.

- Those ally combinations as "Come the Apocalypse" may not ally, therefore, Tyranid players may come as a single player team totaling 2,000pts (two force organization charts may be taken as per the 6th ed rules for 2,000 pt lists).

- All rules governing allies in the 40k 6th edition rule book will be used for interactions between teammates.

- Teams made up of "Desperate Allies" will have the following restriction: only one team member's scoring units may count as scoring units, and all rules for DA's will be in effect for interactions.

- When determining how many units may be held in reserve, each player counts only their units, and then may reserve up to 50% of their force.

- The presence of a teammate's model on the board prevents being tabled when checking for wipe out conditions at the end of the turn.

- Only the owning player of the model activating a command tower may use its benefits when rolling for reserves.

- Fortifications may be targeted for shooting and combat even if unoccupied (aegis defense line weapons are treated as artillery).

- The tournament will be 3 rounds of classic and new missions and scenarios

- Full 6th edition 40k rules will be in effect.

- More special rules/scenarios may be in effect, check http://leagueofextraordinarywargamers.com for more info closer to the tournament date.
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